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This is for the business owner exploring ideas. The curious accountant asking ‘what if we…?’. People on the path to figuring things out.


My creative beginnings

My story began with a love of creativity and an accountant qualification. Together, they led to the creation and success of PF, the creative agency working exclusively for and with accountants.

My passion is for leading a team of creatives to help accountants realise they too are creative, and for collaboratively working with accountants in their marketing. Everything I learned in twenty years of helping accountants understand and love marketing formed the core content of my book, The Accountant Marketer.

I’m a qualified accountant (a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Arizona) and a dual British-American citizen living in Scotland. We are PF serves accountants anywhere on the globe, so I lead a team working from locations all over the world, including South Africa, Argentina, UK, and the USA.

My two personal values, the ones that guide everything I do, are freedom and honesty.
My personal pillars include whisky, coffee, faith, walking, and magic.

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Welcome to the DIY Accountant Marketer!!… oops. 

Here’s just a small insight into the DRAMA of recording one single 10 minute onboarding video for our new DIY Accountant Marketer course. In case you’ve ever thought about building a video course and figured hey, how hard can it be?!? Piece of cake. Two hours, one 10 min video, NAILED IT. 

Happy Friday! 
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Setting goals is a great thing. Building the systems and rhythms into your life to help you achieve those goals is an even better thing. But do you have a system, a plan, for when the day is just NOT going the way you wanted? 

When you’re not inspired. When you got some hard news or got sick or something is going on in the family or the energy isn’t there. Yes, you can power through, and that works for a little while. But eventually you’ll hit a day where it’s just. not. happening and you give yourself a break. Then the next day you forget because you broke the habit chain and before you know it ten days (or six months) have gone by and your goals are nowhere in sight.

That’s why you need a “Bad Day Plan”. This is the adjustment to your optimistic systems which is realistic for when everything has gone to shit. 

I’ve started using a bad day plan for the two goals I’m working towards: being more active and healthy, and completing the content for the books I’m writing. For the first goal my system is to walk every day. For the second, I write 1000 words a day. But my Bad Day Plan is to walk for five minutes; and to write 200 words. That’s it. If I am not even capable of doing those very tiny things, then it’s an extremely challenging day indeed. And even if I skip entirely that day, I can get back on the systems bandwagon with the smallest versions of success that day. 

What might a Bad Day Plan look like for you? 

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The journey so far

You are creative too

Maybe you’re not much for drawing or painting or sketching or even writing. But when you think about problem solving and curiosity, it’s a little easier to believe in your own creativity.

You’re a creative person if you have a curious, open mind. Willing to ask questions and see things differently. It can be a bit of a mess, like a child with crayons just going all over the page and outside the lines and maybe even onto the table. (Or wall.) You try something, and maybe it works – and maybe it doesn’t. But you’re on the path to figuring it all out.

You don’t have to have


Start with a little hope and direction.

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