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A love for creativity and an accountant qualification began the journey to me writing The Accountant Marketer. Since 2012 I’ve been building and growing PF, the creative agency working exclusively for and with accountants. This book is the process and mindset I’ve learned works for accountants who serve with heart.

I believe the right way is the long way. We’re all creatives in the middle part of life – not wishing to go back to beginnings or rushing to the end. We deserve a little grace and space to start small and safe, try things, get messy and try again.

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The book

The Accountant Marketer

The book for accountants who want their marketing to attract only the best clients.

I’ve been helping accountants with their marketing for over twenty years, and the single biggest roadblock to creating and delivering great marketing isn’t knowing the tips and tricks, the tactics, the actions to take which will deliver a great return on investment (ROI). It’s the mindset you hold about yourself, your responsibilities, and your ideal clients which changes everything.

What if you could LOVE marketing?

This book is your progressive plan to make marketing work FOR you as an accountant, and for you to surprisingly discover….

…you don’t hate it.
…maybe you actually quite like it.
…maybe you’re not bad, even pretty good at it.
…maybe even enjoy it.
…and maybe, even come to love it!

When you understand and love marketing as an accountant, when you accept your role as an Accountant Marketer, marketing ceases to be a burden weighing on your shoulders. It becomes your helper.

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Instant change can shock or surprise you. 

You don’t know what to do with it, so you can default to fear. Or confusion. Or reverting to the way you did things before. 

One of my coaching clients is working on changing his approach with the business owners he talks to.

“Up til now I’ve been very me and company centric,” he told me. “And it’s time for that to change.” 

It’s always been accounting, bookkeeping, numbers focused. Nothing about motivations or emotions. 

He read the Accountant Marketer and is now working through each of the sections with me so he can apply them to his firm. 

But even slight changes like asking new prospects, “So, what motivated you to start this business?” is an adjustment. 

But we make changes because we want some kind of change to happen. 

This firm owner wants to get more of the kind of clients he loves working with: and that means opening up with prospects. 

Asking deeper questions. Listening. 

This change will have an impact on the firm’s numbers. On their operations. On the conversations they have as a team. 

We talked about sending out emails to existing clients to offer a conversation about strategy and big picture and motivations, but after testing it with a few clients, he got no takers. 

They’re not used to this. It’s too big, too dramatic. 

So instead he will adjust gradually, in stages. 

In the next client meet, ask one small question. 

How were things in the business this week? Anything which is particularly tough for you right now? 

Something to start that level of conversation going. 

They may not answer it. They may not feel comfortable with that: and that’s okay. But the very tiny changes will be easier to accept than something dramatic. 

Instead of going 0 to 100, can you stage it? 


then 50-50…

then 80-20…

…and then when you’re ready, 100-0. 

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100 consecutive days of video: DONE!!! 

I’ve stuck to my challenge. I haven’t missed a single day. And now I get to start the reflections. 

I’ve made a real effort not to over-reflect early: but to focus on getting the challenge done. Then I can look back and see what I’ve learned, how it’s impacted me and my business, and what I’ll take from it for future videos. 

Here are just a few of my initial learnings: 

1. Plan the video. The earlier in the day I shoot it or consider what it will be, the easier and smoother everything goes 

2. Capture little bits of video throughout the day (or days) to be used with a theme later. One second, ten second, one minute videos came in really handy when I did a compilation video - of walking, or water, or travels, or working. 

3. Being “on” every day - being present on social media and not missing a single day for 100 days - is bloody hard. I am really looking forward to being able to not open instagram if I don’t want to. And I’ll look forward to falling asleep at 11pm without the gasp of “did I do my video today???” 

4. I’m really grateful. For all I’ve learned and seen and heard and experienced and shared: and for how it will impact my future videos. 

Thank you for being with me on the journey. ❤️

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Day 100/100 Video Challenge
There’s something about water I find so soothing and invigorating at the same time. 

#100dayvideochallenge #100days #water #sea #isleofmull #refreshing

Day 99/100 Video Challenge