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A love for creativity and an accountant qualification began the journey to me writing The Accountant Marketer. Since 2012 I’ve been building and growing PF, the creative agency working exclusively for and with accountants. This book is the process and mindset I’ve learned works for accountants who serve with heart.

I believe the right way is the long way. We’re all creatives in the middle part of life – not wishing to go back to beginnings or rushing to the end. We deserve a little grace and space to start small and safe, try things, get messy and try again.

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The book

The Accountant Marketer

The book for accountants who want their marketing to attract only the best clients.

I’ve been helping accountants with their marketing for over twenty years, and the single biggest roadblock to creating and delivering great marketing isn’t knowing the tips and tricks, the tactics, the actions to take which will deliver a great return on investment (ROI). It’s the mindset you hold about yourself, your responsibilities, and your ideal clients which changes everything.

What if you could LOVE marketing?

This book is your progressive plan to make marketing work FOR you as an accountant, and for you to surprisingly discover….

…you don’t hate it.
…maybe you actually quite like it.
…maybe you’re not bad, even pretty good at it.
…maybe even enjoy it.
…and maybe, even come to love it!

When you understand and love marketing as an accountant, when you accept your role as an Accountant Marketer, marketing ceases to be a burden weighing on your shoulders. It becomes your helper.

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Puffin day!! 

Took the boat out to two different islands and as always puffin therapy came through. As well as a surprising bright sunny day! 

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Day 80/100 Video Challenge
Today’s thoughts on adventures and how there is no such thing as a perfect adventure (because sometimes things go wrong). More of the concept that fails and brokenness are part of creativity. 

Here’s to adventures and here’s to choosing to be in your happy place …and sometimes you do that in your ACTUAL happy place, like me in the sea on Mull. 

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Day 79/100 Video Challenge
Road trippin through the highlands! 

Driving, hiking, swimming, walking, resting, exploring, and collapsing! In that order. 

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Day 78/100 Video Challenge