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I started the 100 day video challenge on what felt like a whim…but it was actually my third attempt!

This time I was bound and determined to do it, no matter what.

Whether I was sick, or travelling, or about to fall asleep…I’d get up and record the video.

Austin Kleon talks about showing up and “seeing what happens” – and that resonated.

The goal was to do it. To finish. And see what happens. 
Here’s a little of what I learned along the way!

1. I can tell a story, or I can educate, in 90 seconds. But not both.
Having a max time of 90 seconds helped me be focused. If I started telling a story, I’d  get to about 70 seconds and realise I’d never finish in time. So I’d start again, and pick just ONE point to get across. That was hard but good practice.

2. If I start with a theme, I can capture short videos during the day and compile them.

When I began the day knowing the theme (travel, puffins, water, whatever), I’d capture short videos all day long, and stitch them together at the end with some music. 

It’s the atomic habits concept. 

Adding on a little habit to things you’re already doing. I’d capture 3 seconds of video as I walked through the train station, and it didn’t take much extra effort.

3. You don’t have to hit record to practise your video.

I often did the whole video multiple times before I ever pressed “record”. I’d be out for a walk and start saying aloud some of the phrases or stories I wanted to share. Other times I would hit record, leaving me with ten (or twenty or thirty) short videos to delete later.

4. Being on social media every single day is hard.

I didn’t think through the mental impact of being present on social media, and not missing a single day, for 100 days.

Towards the end I was really looking forward to being able to take a day off. To ignore Insta (or any of the socials) for a day or a week if I want. To fall into bed without suddenly going “Oh no….did I do my video today??”

I’m glad I did it, but I’m also glad to have some freedom and headspace back! 

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Instant change can shock or surprise you. 

You don’t know what to do with it, so you can default to fear. Or confusion. Or reverting to the way you did things before. 

One of my coaching clients is working on changing his approach with the business owners he talks to.

“Up til now I’ve been very me and company centric,” he told me. “And it’s time for that to change.” 

It’s always been accounting, bookkeeping, numbers focused. Nothing about motivations or emotions. 

He read the Accountant Marketer and is now working through each of the sections with me so he can apply them to his firm. 

But even slight changes like asking new prospects, “So, what motivated you to start this business?” is an adjustment. 

But we make changes because we want some kind of change to happen. 

This firm owner wants to get more of the kind of clients he loves working with: and that means opening up with prospects. 

Asking deeper questions. Listening. 

This change will have an impact on the firm’s numbers. On their operations. On the conversations they have as a team. 

We talked about sending out emails to existing clients to offer a conversation about strategy and big picture and motivations, but after testing it with a few clients, he got no takers. 

They’re not used to this. It’s too big, too dramatic. 

So instead he will adjust gradually, in stages. 

In the next client meet, ask one small question. 

How were things in the business this week? Anything which is particularly tough for you right now? 

Something to start that level of conversation going. 

They may not answer it. They may not feel comfortable with that: and that’s okay. But the very tiny changes will be easier to accept than something dramatic. 

Instead of going 0 to 100, can you stage it? 


then 50-50…

then 80-20…

…and then when you’re ready, 100-0. 

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