The 1-minute and 5-minute social media tactic

The 1-minute and 5-minute social media tactic

The 1-minute and 5-minute social media tactic

You don’t have time for social media.

You’re already swamped with emails, client meetings, team issues, events, new apps to check out, and on, and on.

Fitting in more marketing time to look at social media – to learn it, figure out how all the different platforms work, know what works best and what doesn’t….that just feels exhausting.

Great news.

You’ve actually got the time already.

It’s just that instead of grabbing that time and using it in small ways, you’re letting that time slide. You’re losing it instead of grabbing a hold of it and making it do what you want.

Every single day, you have little 1-minute and 5-minute slots that appear when you weren’t expecting them. A client is a few minutes late. Google maps said it would take 15 minutes and it only took 10. An email you thought would take forever to write was actually quite quick.

The key is to use these 1-minute and 5-minute slots better.

Accountants are constantly telling themselves, “If I had a spare day for marketing I could do this”, or, “I keep blocking out a half day every week but it gets filled with other things”.

The reason you can’t do anything with a day is that it’s too much time.

You’re overwhelmed, confused, not sure where to start…so you default to what you know. Replying to an email, listening to a voicemail, ringing a client, talking to a team member, making a cup of coffee. Something you don’t have to think about.

You’re avoiding social media because you don’t know where to start and you want to get it right.

The beauty of the 1-minute and 5-minute slots is that you don’t have to get it “right”.

You simply have to do it.

Do something.

And do it in the 1-minute and 5-minute slots ONLY. (At least to start.)

With either the 1-minute or 5-minute slot, open a social media app, scan the feed, and….do something. I’ve included a short list below, but there may be more you think of.

(This applies to ANY social media app – ideally you’ll pick one you haven’t been using very much, but in a way it doesn’t matter. It might even help to use a different one every time.)

Using the 1-minute slot:

  • Like a post
  • Retweet or share someone else’s post
  • Make a super fast comment on a post
  • Snap a photo and share it to your story (Facebook/Insta)
  • Capture an under-1-minute video and share it to your story
  • Watch an under-1-minute video from someone else, and like or quickly comment
  • Connect with someone on LinkedIn – check names/email addresses from your inbox and search for the person. If you’re not connected, click connect and make sure to add a personalised note.

If you don’t know how to do any of these things, use your 5-minute slots to figure it out.

Using the 5-minute slot:

  • Make a longer comment on someone’s post or article
  • Add a personal comment when retweeting or sharing someone else’s content
  • Create a post about something you dealt with today (a victory, a question, a problem)
  • Find/download images onto your phone that you can use alongside posts you’ll make in the future, so you have those ready
  • Record an under-5-minute video on something that came up today (a victory, a question, a problem). Remember, lengths for video you upload directly to social are:
    • Twitter – 2 minutes or less
    • Instagram – 1 minute or less
    • IGTV (instagram live, saved as video) – 10 minutes or less
    • Facebook – 45 minutes or less (but keep it short)
  • Start typing thoughts for a blog or LinkedIn article in the notes on your phone. Write as much as you can in 5 minutes and then stop. Pick it up the next slot. You’ll be done before you know it.
  • Watch an under-5-minute video and comment on it
  • Pick someone on LinkedIn you meant to catch up with. Drop them a quick private message that is personal and relates to what they’re doing – ie “Hey I saw you were at this event last week – how did that go?”. The less generic the better.
  • Connect with someone on LinkedIn and then follow the “People you may know” suggestions, and connect with some more. ALWAYS add a personalised note.

See? Easy peasy. You’ve achieved so much, and in so little time.

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I’m not actually bummed about the grey weather we’re having. Here’s why.

I went for a walk in the MORNING today, which felt like i’m winning at life. 🏆 

Lately I’ve been fitting in my daily walk at 9 or 10pm after a long day of meetings. I’m super grateful for the way it’s still light so late at night, but a walk-at-end-of-day doesn’t have the same motivational kick as the walk-at-the-start. 🌑 

So that one little thing I did puts me at champion status, and affects my entire mindset for the day. 💪 

There are a lot of contributing factors to this morning’s walk, but the top one was that it was grey, cool, and windy...which is far more motivational to me than bright sunshine. 🌬 

I know, it’s weird.

The rest of britain is like UGH WHAT A SHIT SUMMER and i’m here going um...i really, really love the rain. And clouds. And cool breezes. And grey skies. ☔ 

I’ll join in the conversation and be like yea, yea, it really does suck...but that’s just to start conversation and show British solidarity. Deep down I don’t think it does suck. 👀 

I do like sunshine, but after spending 25 years of my life in Arizona, I don’t love or crave the heat. ☀ 

Anything over about 20 degrees and i start getting a bit antsy...and my limit is “23 with a breeze”. 😎 

If it’s higher than that I’ll literally hide inside, not rush out to sit in a beer garden or at the beach. I really don’t enjoy heat at all. 

So thanks grey skies and wind, you helped a lot today. 💪 

Just me? Everyone else dreaming of 30+ degrees and sunshine?? It’s okay if you are...i just...don’t get it. 🤣 

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Cancelling things is a superhero skill.

Not all the time, of course: we want to be trustworthy.

And the sheer stubbornness of being a business owner is good.

I can do it. I will do it. No matter what! I can make. this. work.

A product, an event, a new hire, a business.

So we keep pushing. Show up, send the emails, make the phone call, record the videos. More training for the new hire, more new hires. Make sure we never let anyone down.

Of course, things happen. We get sick, something happens to a family member, or there’s an emergency and we need to shift things around.

But cancelling things can be a superhero skill: when you do it well, knowing why it’s time to cut the cord and communicating it well.

Here’s some of what I consider when I’m trying to decide if it’s time to dig in, or stop & go another direction:

1. Does anyone even know about it?
Sometimes it’s been a big part of your business life and used a lot of brainpower, but no one outwith you and your team know it was meant to happen.

2. What’s the cost of not doing this now?
The full cost, more than financial, including:
- Motivational cost for you, team, clients
- Decreased trust for clients
- Loss of strategic partnership connection

3. Could you replace it with something else?
Another day, an online option, a template instead of custom build? Sometimes a replacement isn’t a cancellation at all. You’re doing it, but in a less costly way.

4. Do I have the energy and appetite to keep going?
I can do it with an automaton approach…but given the other things on my plate, where do I want my energy to go? How much do I have to give? Will it renew energy, or drain it?

I ended up cancelling a small event recently, & whilst I was disappointed, it was the right decision for these reasons.

It can feel embarrassing...but cancelling something can be a superpower, if it’s done well & communicated clearly and honestly. And when it’s more the exception than the rule.

Anything you are considering stopping? What impact might that have?

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