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The breakthroughs don’t always come when you think they will

brick wall sketch with hole and blue sky visible

Okay I’m going to use my broken ankle as an example, again. Because it turns out this has become one of the most significant healing situations I’ve ever had to go through, so the analogies just keep coming. And part of how I process things is to relate them to what they mean and how

What will you LEARN? What SYSTEM needs to change?

KLR notes learn system 22-05-21

When you fail. When something goes wrong. When the conversation was difficult, or the client left, or got angry at you. When the applicant or team member didn’t work out. When you screwed up, when it broke, when you missed the deadline. When someone complains, or is upset, or doesn’t understand. There are two questions

Is your problem a backpack, or a load?

KLR notes backpack load 08-05-21

Many problems we shoulder are heavy. Difficult conversations, hard truths, issues with clients, differences of opinion. The burden you have to carry – only you, and no one can carry it for you – is like a backpack. A load is like a boulder. Something you literally can not (and are not supposed to) carry alone.

Keep doing the invisible work

KLR notes invisible work 17-04-21

I got distracted this week. I had brilliant new ideas about how to help our clients and a message I wanted to make sure we get across, and ended up spending most of a day working on a video and some content on this topic and all the new ideas when really…I would have done better to just keep going on the projects I’ve got before me.