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Win targets and dream targets

Win targets and dream targets - Karen Reyburn
  Setting targets is one thing. But what kind of target are you setting? How achievable is it, really? This one can be hard to estimate. I find myself thinking, “I need to go really ambitious, because if you have low targets you’ll just reach them, and I need to push myself!” Then reality appears

Book notes: Grit – the power of passion plus perseverance

There was a good bit I liked about this book, but ultimately I’m still left with questions about whether I fully agree with the book’s premise.  Which is that grit is made up of both passion and perseverance. It’s not just pressing on, or keeping going: it’s doing all of that in an area (or with a goal) which is

SQUIRREL! The business owner’s distraction by the new shiny thing

KLR note squirrel! 18-03-23

You’ve done it again. You’re in the middle of a project, and you’re focused and making it happen, when suddenly…. SQUIRREL! Like Dug in the film “Up”, your head swivels round, distracted, ready to dash off in the direction of a squirrel. A new, better project. Something more exciting, newer. None of this tired old

The breakthroughs don’t always come when you think they will

brick wall sketch with hole and blue sky visible

Okay I’m going to use my broken ankle as an example, again. Because it turns out this has become one of the most significant healing situations I’ve ever had to go through, so the analogies just keep coming. And part of how I process things is to relate them to what they mean and how