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Good marketing, like good whisky, takes time

The making of Scottish whisky has long fascinated me. The simplicity of the ingredients, the patience required at every stage of the process, the hundreds of years of doing something the same way. Nothing churned out, nothing rushed. Good things take time. Conceptually, it makes sense. Better done right than done rushed. Invest well at

Planning is everything (and then it’s easy)


This week I finished the DIY project of my downstairs bathroom. When I say “DIY”, this means “I hired a joiner to completely renovate the entire room and then I painted it”, which I say counts. But actually that was part of the problem. I figured once the joiner had come in to strip the

The (un)awkward silence: leaving space for people to think

We had a training session at PF this week on using more “definitive language”. Examples included “We believe” or “I get it” or “This works because…” You use them in place of vague, rambly language. The kind which expresses uncertainty: “I think” “I”m not sure if that’s the best” “Here’s what worries me” “Just” “Sort

I don’t actually want to be polarising

The best way to get engagement is to make strong, polarising, even outrageous statements.  You’ll get more likes. More views. More haters too, but then that counts as engagement cos you can respond to them and then more people see it and that’s the point, isn’t it? More people, more comments, more visibility? Maybe. Maybe for

“Target audience”? You’re not shooting at them. You’re inviting them.

‘Target audience’ is one of those marketing phrases which gets used without a great deal of thought. Yes, you could also say ‘ideal audience’ or ‘client avatar’ or some other official sounding phrase, but as with all marketing terminology I prefer to question everything. Target. Why target? Where does that come from? A target is