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You can pour from an empty cup….but nothing much comes out

KLR note sketch pink hand holding yellow cup with one teal drop pouring out

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.” I saw that phrase posted again recently and was thinking about the word “can’t”. “Can’t” (like the word ‘should’) is  another one I’ve been working on removing from my vocabulary. (Appreciation to Matthew MccConaughey for his story about replacing “can’t” with “I’m struggling with”, in his book Greenlights.)

Book Notes: The Accountant Marketer! (and what I learned on the writing journey)

hand drawn sketch of cover of The Accountant Marketer book by Karen L Reyburn

I’ve shared notes from a number of books I’ve enjoyed reading…now it’s time for my own! This is my first book, and instead of sharing the key learnings from the book itself (I’ll let you do that once you read it!), I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about writing, about writing a book, and

The journey is the way (the goal gets distracting)

Feet walking along and around a path

I LOVE a good goal. I remember taking one of those personality or trait quizzes – which I usually don’t like because they box you in – but this one pointed out I was nearly 90% “goal orientated”. Meaning I will do anything and everything to achieve a goal, often to the detriment of…well…everything else.

SQUIRREL! The business owner’s distraction by the new shiny thing

KLR note squirrel! 18-03-23

You’ve done it again. You’re in the middle of a project, and you’re focused and making it happen, when suddenly…. SQUIRREL! Like Dug in the film “Up”, your head swivels round, distracted, ready to dash off in the direction of a squirrel. A new, better project. Something more exciting, newer. None of this tired old