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Staged change rather than instant change

Change takes adjustment: for you and for others. Whether it’s helping the team change the way you do things at the firm, or sharing systems or price changes with clients, or scaling your business: trying to make the change instantly will likely be tough.  Instant change shocks you and surprises you. And you don’t know

The DIY course is here!

DIY video course is ready for you - Karen Reyburn - Accountants

Many of you have at least bought, and perhaps even started or read, The Accountant Marketer.  Reading it is one thing: actually doing things with it is another, and can take time. It’s been over six months since the book was published, and several times a week now I get messages from accountants who have

All the things! (Not all at once)

All the things! (Not all at once) - Karen Reyburn
One of the many fun parts of being an entrepreneur is ALL THE IDEAS. All the time. When I’m meeting with a client and they mention something they need. When I’m at a conference and talk with multiple accountants about what they’re excited by, or struggling with. Reading one of my latest business books. Listening

What fills your cup?

What fills your cup?
Knowing what really makes you come alive, fills your cup…that can be hard to tell sometimes. After all, things can feel a bit heavy at times. Things with clients, with team members, with family members, with yourself. Grey and cloudy and rainy weather. Prices going up, up, up everywhere you look (even in your own

Accountability doesn’t mean you get everything done

Accountability doesn’t mean you get everything done - Karen Reyburn
Every month I hold one-to-one coaching calls with accountants who have either a big project they want to make progress on, or a series of small tasks they keep putting off.  Either way, their momentum calls are just that: the space for them to build momentum. Get shit done.  There’s always a point - usually

What is creativity?

yellow word creativity with grey question mark behind

What does creativity mean to you?  Over the past few months I’ve been taking every opportunity to ask accountants I’m talking with every day about how they see or define creativity.  As I read through, or listened to, the answers, a few themes keep appearing:  It comes naturally, and it’s also hard work It’s a

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Minimum viable marketing: Get the audience and message right first

Minimum viable marketing - Karen Reyburn
“Okay I’m going to create this PDF guide…but obviously I’ll also need some automation and follow up emails for everyone who downloads it, so I’d better get started on that first!” Our entrepreneur-brain is rigged to think very optimistically about our Great New Idea. If we think of creating a PDF guide (or training course

Signed out AMA (Against Marketing Advice)

Karen Reyburn - Have you ever gone Marketing AMA? Discover how choosing unconventional marketing strategies can impact your accounting firm.
` I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy recently (with the lofty and noble goal of finally finishing all seasons, only to discover it’s nowhere near done and a new season starts this week). And at times on the show, a doctor notices an issue or suggests a course of treatment and the person says no, I

The story of the shitty pots (make more, get better)

Make your shitty pots: from quantity to quality - Karen Reyburn
` There’s a story about a ceramics teacher who split his class into two groups. One would focus on quality, making the very best ceramic pot, and only one; and the other would focus on quantity, making as many ceramic pots as they possibly could. The results would be graded accordingly: in the quality group,