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I’m willing to bet you’ve done this as often as I have – something comes up which is making progress, which could be momentous (in a small or great way), and you tell someone about it and they get really excited for and with you.

“That’s so great! Oh my word! Amazing!”

And then the response kicks in.

“Well…don’t get too excited yet.”

There are all kinds of reasons we default to this response. We’re being practical – all the pieces haven’t come together yet. We’re being careful – we’ve been disappointed before. We’re being realistic – not everything works out as expected.

For me it’s a sort of knee jerk reaction which connects to my “fear of failure”. I was talking with our Ops Director Alice about my book, and about perfectionism, and I said “oh I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist – I don’t really care if there’s a spelling mistake”. She said “what about the fear of failure? That’s an aspect of perfectionism too”.

Ohhhh yes. 100% I have that. I get to the 90% point with a big project and then slow down. Or stop. Or go backwards.

Because when you’re still in the middle, the grind, it’s so far away you haven’t even had a chance to truly imagine what it will be like when it happens.

My book, published.

My new house on Mull, and me living there.

PF fully scaled and not needing me day to day.

You think you’re imagining how great it will be. But then suddenly you get really close – you view the house, or the book manuscript gets to the FINAL FINAL document, and suddenly you panic a little.

This might actually happen!

How do I deal with it then? Will it happen? What if it doesn’t? Then I’ll be super disappointed! I’ve had that before! Best to be careful and cautious and pull back on the reins and…

…not get too excited.

And if someone else gets excited for me, I dampen their enthusiasm too. If they get excited then I might get excited again and, well, we couldn’t have that.

So what I’m working on now is saying fuck that, yes, I WILL be excited. I’ll choose to be excited. Yay, this thing is coming! It’s damn close anyway, and if things go wonky (like a broken ankle derailing your moving plans), you deal with that when and if it happens.

Cos it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, things work out. Actually, a lot of times they work out. And that whole “I don’t want to get too excited in case it doesn’t happen” rubbish is just that: utter rubbish. It’s not as if I won’t be disappointed if things fall apart a little (or a lot). I will. And refusing the bubbling excitement simply removes a little extra joy I could have had in the waiting.

So I’m letting the excitement in. Or I’m trying to. A lifetime of the “ohhh, CAREFUL! It might not happen!” habit takes a good while to reset.

But I’ll do my darnedest, next time one of you gets excited on my behalf for something coming, to be excited with you.

Let’s let it in!

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Road trippin and tomb hunting in the northern Irish countryside with one of my life besties. It’s a satisfying thing to climb these hills and watch the clouds move… and explore the old tombs which are older than the pyramids. 

Here we go. 

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What will you do when you’ve arrived?

One of the things business owners tend to focus on is getting the business to run without you.

Systems, team, leadership, pricing… you work so hard on each of these and it often takes longer than you expect.

Maybe you have a vague idea of what you’d do with all that free time once it appears, but I’d guess just as many of you aren’t 100% sure what that will look like.

Every day is so full you don’t have to time to pause. “I’ll spend more time with my family”, you tell yourself. More holidays, more of whatever fills you up.

It might be cooking or DIY or reading, but equally it might be writing a book. Coaching. Speaking. A second or third business of a new kind. 

Which means NOW is the time to start thinking about it.

That can feel overwhelming, if things aren’t “sorted” yet. You still have team issues, or the systems and tech are taking longer than expected to deliver results. You’ve lost some clients, or are struggling to get new ones.

The fact is, all those things may be indicators you’re closer than you realise.

These issues will get sorted – and the moment they do, you could hit a point where you have that spare time. You have a little more energy, or money, or space and freedom. For whatever. 

Now what?

What’s that “whatever”?

That’s when you start looking at your personal brand.

It’s different from your business brand. Instead of being focused on an audience, buying a service; instead of being something which summarises an entire business including clients and team, now you have the opportunity to consider what summarises YOU.

What you care about. The message you’d get out to the world if you could. The kind of people who think the way you do.

If this is even a *glimmer* of a thought in your mind, I’d love to hear from you. I’m working on a live workshop event in the UK, and I want to make sure we cover what would be the most helpful for you, right now.

Before everything is “sorted”.

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