Sales doesn’t come naturally: it requires continuous work

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Sales. Love it or hate it?

I was on a half day sales training workshop run by Daniel Priestley this week, and that was one of the first questions he asked us. He said if you HAVE to choose, would you say love it or hate it?

I said if I really, really had to choose I’d say love over hate, but a lot of the comments from others on the training reflected more how I really felt:

“love it sometimes”

“i have a love-hate relationship with sales”

“i love parts of it”

The point with sales, he said, is that it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a profession. It’s practice. It takes work.

And the greatest companies in the world all have world class sales training and put an enormous amount of energy and effort into improving their sales process.

Apple requires 40 minutes of sales training every day for their retail team.

Rolex has a 3 day sales bootcamp every team member must go through before they can sell a watch.

Google has literal armies of sales people…and if anyone could automate it or get rid of the sales function, they could.

Sales. Takes. Work.

I admit I went into this sales training session feeling a bit ehhh….like, would it be worth the money I’d spent on it? Was I going to be given prescriptive questions which sounded unnatural and awkward?

But within those first few minutes, I was refreshed to discover hey, sales is supposed to be hard. It’s not easy for anyone. If it was, Google would automate that shit and then sell us all the blueprint and none of us would have to work at it.

It’s still a scripted process, rather than a friendly chat. But that process has flexibility, and warmth, and rapport, and connection. Three kinds of connection, actually:

  • Logically connect
  • Emotionally connect
  • Urgency to buy

These 3 have to come together.

I took lots of notes. I’ve shared them with our team. We used some time in our PF Board meeting yesterday to dig into how we can be doing sales better at PF, and what kind of training we can provide the team who are doing sales.

I’ve been thinking lately about the “what got you here, might not get you there” concept – especially as PF has passed the 10-year mark, and we’ve worked with thousands of accountants, and it could seem from the outside that we’ve got our shit together and it flows easily and we don’t even have to try.

But the truth is, we’re always trying. Changing. Considering what works and what doesn’t. Reviewing the numbers. Revisiting. Reconsidering.

And sales is an area I’m going to give more attention this year.

I booked that sales training fairly last minute. I hadn’t planned on it, but the email came in and the workshop was on a day I’d blocked out to work on strategy, and I want to learn from the experts.

Plus, it gave me the chance to practice more sketchnoting, which I haven’t done for a while. #creatvitypillar

And most of all, it showed me that my brain energy is finally being restored to pre-broken-ankle stage, which is a big relief!

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The winter photos are up!! 

As many of you know I have space on my living room wall for four seasonal canvas prints which sit together like a window to the outside world. And every season, when I’m ready, I swap out the last season for the current one, and acknowledge the change and everything that comes with it. 

I’ve been late changing them before, but this one may take the cake, as we are getting close to the end of January! But there’s still snow and ice and frost outside, and my Christmas tree is still up dammit, so it was time today. 

Lots of small victories encapsulated in this. I got under the bed to pull out the winter photos, and carried them downstairs, and took down the autumn ones and replaced them with these… all of those things take a lot of movement and steps and care, AND PLUS I took a lovely bath and then shower this morning which in previous weeks would have wiped me out for half a day or longer. But today it’s only 11am and I’ve already achieved all of these things :) 

Happy winter, everyone. I’m glad spring and growth and light and colours are coming, but for now I’m still going to enjoy the frost and patterns and snow feathers and narnia lampposts and pale sunset colours and cold fresh air. 

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Overjoyed to wake up to a beautiful fall of light snow this morning. I was literally saying to a friend at the weekend “I wish it would snow- even just a little bit - because it’s so beautiful.” 

One of my favourite things to do whilst out on walks is take pictures of the beauty - the wide open spaces as well as close up detail. That’s not something I’ve gotten to do lately. I’m either in the house, or my short walks in my estate are spent focused primarily on the ground so I don’t fall. And that doesn’t  include pulling out a phone whilst walking! 

So this morning I woke up to all this freshly fallen magic, and I went out on the back deck to enjoy it, look at it up close, marvel at it. The snow was so light - like feathers - and it melted in moments on my warm hand (but stayed solid on the cold leaves and ground). It sparkled like diamonds in the light of the rising sun. And brought me a little monday joy. 

Small joys are small victories too! 

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Ankle update. 

Still got the boot on. Ankle is definitely healing…which honestly feels like magic. Bones literally stitching themselves back together while I slooooowly hobble around and live life the best I can. 

It’s borrowing a lot of energy from the rest of my body to do it, so I’ve spent the last five weeks totting up victories. (There are no small victories.) 

Things like being able to walk up the stairs instead of crawl. (That took ten days.) 

The first time I walked up and down stairs without crutches. 

The day I realised I hadn’t reached for my crutches all day and could get around with only the boot. 

The afternoon I walked around my back garden. 

The evening I walked down to the end of my street and back. 

And this morning, when I managed the same walk in the morning (which is a big deal because mornings are when my energy is lowest and it takes the longest to get going). AND tidied the kitchen and swept the living room and did a load of laundry. 

The small victories give me hope for the big ones - for the day I’ll walk without the boot, and be able to drive, and go to mull again, and hike again. 

I’ve got a big goal of hiking Ben More on Mull one day which is a Munro - right now I don’t care if I manage it this year or next year, but it reminds me big things are possible in the future even if right now walking down the street in a protective boot winds me a bit. 

One step at a time. Literally.

Happy Saturday! 

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New Year’s Day breakfast. Celebrating the small things, like making good food and friends who visit and care. ❤️✨

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