Handel’s Messiah: sketchnoted

It’s coming on towards Christmas, and one of the traditions I’ve always loved is listening to Handel’s Messiah.

Beautiful music. Meaningful music, drawn from the oldest Book of them all. And a feeling of being swept into glory.

My family would often go together to listen to it sometime before Christmas. My parents found this local organisation who performed it, and every year they had a new T-shirt you could buy. My dad was a collector of tshirts of all kinds, and these ones often had the word ‘Messiah’ in gold or silver, and he loved them. He bought one every year.

I still make an effort to go to a performance when i can (although oddly enough in Scotland it tends to play after Christmas, not before), but yesterday I sat and listened to the whole thing at home. It swept me away, and I decided to really focus on the words, and read the passages from the Bible as they were sung, and before I knew it I was sketchnoting the whole thing.

Maybe not the whole thing – not every word – but these are the core messages, in order as I listened to the Messiah. May they bring you joy as they did me.

The video I watched it shared here, too.

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Wild swimming time! 

I’ve been through Glencoe many a time but never stopped for a wild swim yet and today was the day! Bright sunshine (and getting super warm on even a short walk across the hills), so a dip in the cool highland water was exactly what we needed. 

We found a little mini canyon where no one else happened to be so we had it all to ourselves! Always love that - some of the “highland hot spots” can get so crowded especially on a sunny day. 

I’ll be going here again and hiking a bit further on a new trail we explored! 💪👏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✨

(Ps no I didn’t get my full mile of lap swimming in today tho 😆😆 it was tough to put my whole head underwater for more than a second or two even on a blazingly warm day!!)

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