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On book writing: it’s not for me, and it’s an identity crisis for me

book writing
Oh hey. Nice to see you again! A while back, I took a breather from writing these "Karen's Notes" so I could focus my writing energies on finishing the content for my book, The Accountant Marketer. I meant to be intentional about it, explain what was happening, set some time frames. Maybe I'd take three

The #pf100days video challenge: why we avoid video & what to do about it

As you may have noticed, we’re doing a 100 days video challenge for accountants who want to get better at video. And the best video coach is….you, doing more video.  Think of a child learning about how video works. They see you on your phone, and they want to hold it. If you let them hold

Swearing in marketing (a brand decision)

As we keep hearing about being “real” and “authentic” in marketing, and being “more human” in the content we create and share, we have to have the swearing conversation. Swearing has historically been considered “unprofessional”. Along with tattoos, drinking (alcohol, obvs) during working hours, and comfortable clothes which are unstarched and without collars or ties or jackets.