So, how’s YOUR day?

On Friday, my nephew went into emergency brain surgery for fluid on the brain.

It’s been an exhausting, difficult, confusing, emotional time so far (for the family there by his side and for me being far away). There’s tons we don’t know yet and very likely a long road ahead: but here’s the point.

In amongst tests and ambulances and doctors – so, so, so many doctors, I think 32 at last count – my sister said that to every single doctor or nurse who came to help him and ask questions, Marcus would ask them, “So, how’s YOUR day?”

He’s 13. This is scary stuff. And he’s asking how someone else’s day is.

My sister said she wanted this on a shirt, and I think #howsYOURday? is about the best hashtag I’ve ever heard of. Plus green is his favourite colour.

So i threw this together so we have that on a shirt (or a clock or socks or a bag) and we can all be reminded that whatever Day we’re having, however hard and confusing and scary it is, everyone else is having a Day, too.

This is me and Marcus at universal’s Wizarding World in Hollywood at new year’s. Butterbeer is his favourite ever and he’d been talking about it for months before we went.

Love this reminder of him, and me, and family, and happy places and magical drinks, and good Days as well as hard Days.

When I wrote this originally on Instagram, I wasn’t sure i was ready to post something yet. I knew telling people would make it more real, invites questions, and can make it feel more exhausting. But, it’s real, it’s tough, and it’s not really about me. It’s about Marcus.

And you. How’s YOUR day?

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