Maybe it’s not working…because it’s a new phase

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KLR notesOn Monday, for the first time in 28 weeks, i stepped on the scale and had a gain of 1.4 pounds…and absolutely no idea why. 

I have only gained twice in that time period, and both times I had specific reasons that helped it make sense, and both were under 0.6 pounds each time. 

But this time…nothing I could think of.

I didn’t have a cheat day (or meal). 

I didn’t go over my calories (i actually went under them a few times).

I didn’t cut out exercising (I walked a little extra actually).

It wasn’t suddenly instantly gaining lots of muscle, and it wasn’t water weight, and it wasn’t all the other things. When i shared it on instagram, I had a LOT of messages from everyone suggesting could it be this and could it be that, and it wasn’t any of those things. I don’t mind at all people being helpful: but all the helpfulness simply pointed out that…

…this was weird.

It was out of pattern. 

It didn’t make clear sense. 

It took me most of Monday mulling it over to realise: I’m just in a new pattern now.

A new phase. 

I’ve lost 40 pounds since the 1st of April, and my body isn’t the same (and all for the better!) since that day. 

So it’s not going to follow the same patterns. 

I can’t do all the same things and expect all the same results.

Not for the whole journey, anyway. 

The things that have been working are still working (I cut out all sugar, count calories, and walk every day still). But there are things that don’t work so well.

So on Tuesday, I decided i needed to reset expectations and accept i was moving into a new phase. 

I decided to pay less attention to how the weight fluctuates…but in order to do so I made a few tweaks to the process and weighed myself every day for a week. I cut out all sweeteners, and stopped eating after 8pm – essentially introducing intermittent fasting. I paid more attention to what KIND of calories i was eating, not just the numbers. (Those of you who are accountants will appreciate that methodology. Sales alone isn’t enough: you need a good profit margin too. Ha!)

And the numbers went right back down. I actually ended up losing the 1.4 i had gained as well as losing another 1.8 pounds. (At least as of Friday morning.) 

I thought about how we move into different phases in lots of areas. Health is one – but also in our mental health. Emotional health. Spiritually. In our business or in our family. 

And the things that used to work suddenly stop working, and we panic. 


But we haven’t failed. And we’re still doing good. And good results are still coming. 

You just have to make a few tweaks, is all. 

So that’s what i did this week.

I admit after i worked it through I got a little annoyed that my discouragement with the gain on Monday took away some of my NSV’s (Non Scale Victories) which I’d experienced the week before. Clothes that would never fit before now did. Clothes that fit were so big i had to get rid of them and buy new ones. Energy to do so many things, so much more than I ever could have done earlier in the year. 

It’s happening in the business as well. We’ve changed a lot of small things and we’ve addressed some big things and we’ve gotten much closer as a team. We’ve had to make some very hard decisions and we’ve backed each other up in some tough situations. We’ve looked at how we take on new clients and we’ve changed the way we do that, to make sure that both they and we are 100% in (and we’re not just taking clients because they want to work with us). We’ve done a lot more small focused events rather than big massive exhibitions. We’ve partnered with some very cool companies. We’ve gone hard core focusing on our values (because values are everything), and we’ve changed our hiring process to make sure the values rule the entire process. 

We’re in a new phase there, too. And what worked great before has to be tweaked a bit. (And some of it involves even bigger changes.) 

So whatever area of your life you have where everything was going great, and you were ticking along, and all was well, and now suddenly something has happened which got you discouraged and confused…

is it possible you’re just moving into a new phase? That what used to work doesn’t work quite the same, and it’s time to rethink it a little?

It’s okay if you have no idea what the tweaks or changes are. The first step is to be honest about the thing that’s about to change. 

And that is the precursor to some very, very exciting stuff to come. 

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I’m not actually bummed about the grey weather we’re having. Here’s why.

I went for a walk in the MORNING today, which felt like i’m winning at life. 🏆 

Lately I’ve been fitting in my daily walk at 9 or 10pm after a long day of meetings. I’m super grateful for the way it’s still light so late at night, but a walk-at-end-of-day doesn’t have the same motivational kick as the walk-at-the-start. 🌑 

So that one little thing I did puts me at champion status, and affects my entire mindset for the day. 💪 

There are a lot of contributing factors to this morning’s walk, but the top one was that it was grey, cool, and windy...which is far more motivational to me than bright sunshine. 🌬 

I know, it’s weird.

The rest of britain is like UGH WHAT A SHIT SUMMER and i’m here going um...i really, really love the rain. And clouds. And cool breezes. And grey skies. ☔ 

I’ll join in the conversation and be like yea, yea, it really does suck...but that’s just to start conversation and show British solidarity. Deep down I don’t think it does suck. 👀 

I do like sunshine, but after spending 25 years of my life in Arizona, I don’t love or crave the heat. ☀ 

Anything over about 20 degrees and i start getting a bit antsy...and my limit is “23 with a breeze”. 😎 

If it’s higher than that I’ll literally hide inside, not rush out to sit in a beer garden or at the beach. I really don’t enjoy heat at all. 

So thanks grey skies and wind, you helped a lot today. 💪 

Just me? Everyone else dreaming of 30+ degrees and sunshine?? It’s okay if you are...i just...don’t get it. 🤣 

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Cancelling things is a superhero skill.

Not all the time, of course: we want to be trustworthy.

And the sheer stubbornness of being a business owner is good.

I can do it. I will do it. No matter what! I can make. this. work.

A product, an event, a new hire, a business.

So we keep pushing. Show up, send the emails, make the phone call, record the videos. More training for the new hire, more new hires. Make sure we never let anyone down.

Of course, things happen. We get sick, something happens to a family member, or there’s an emergency and we need to shift things around.

But cancelling things can be a superhero skill: when you do it well, knowing why it’s time to cut the cord and communicating it well.

Here’s some of what I consider when I’m trying to decide if it’s time to dig in, or stop & go another direction:

1. Does anyone even know about it?
Sometimes it’s been a big part of your business life and used a lot of brainpower, but no one outwith you and your team know it was meant to happen.

2. What’s the cost of not doing this now?
The full cost, more than financial, including:
- Motivational cost for you, team, clients
- Decreased trust for clients
- Loss of strategic partnership connection

3. Could you replace it with something else?
Another day, an online option, a template instead of custom build? Sometimes a replacement isn’t a cancellation at all. You’re doing it, but in a less costly way.

4. Do I have the energy and appetite to keep going?
I can do it with an automaton approach…but given the other things on my plate, where do I want my energy to go? How much do I have to give? Will it renew energy, or drain it?

I ended up cancelling a small event recently, & whilst I was disappointed, it was the right decision for these reasons.

It can feel embarrassing...but cancelling something can be a superpower, if it’s done well & communicated clearly and honestly. And when it’s more the exception than the rule.

Anything you are considering stopping? What impact might that have?

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