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The journey is the way (the goal gets distracting)

Feet walking along and around a path

I LOVE a good goal. I remember taking one of those personality or trait quizzes – which I usually don’t like because they box you in – but this one pointed out I was nearly 90% “goal orientated”. Meaning I will do anything and everything to achieve a goal, often to the detriment of…well…everything else.

SQUIRREL! The business owner’s distraction by the new shiny thing

KLR note squirrel! 18-03-23

You’ve done it again. You’re in the middle of a project, and you’re focused and making it happen, when suddenly…. SQUIRREL! Like Dug in the film “Up”, your head swivels round, distracted, ready to dash off in the direction of a squirrel. A new, better project. Something more exciting, newer. None of this tired old