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Signed out AMA (Against Marketing Advice)

Karen Reyburn - Have you ever gone Marketing AMA? Discover how choosing unconventional marketing strategies can impact your accounting firm.
` I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy recently (with the lofty and noble goal of finally finishing all seasons, only to discover it’s nowhere near done and a new season starts this week). And at times on the show, a doctor notices an issue or suggests a course of treatment and the person says no, I

The story of the shitty pots (make more, get better)

Make your shitty pots: from quantity to quality - Karen Reyburn
` There’s a story about a ceramics teacher who split his class into two groups. One would focus on quality, making the very best ceramic pot, and only one; and the other would focus on quantity, making as many ceramic pots as they possibly could. The results would be graded accordingly: in the quality group,

From fear-based to opportunity-based thinking

Karen Reyburn - From fear-based to opportunity-based thinking
` A few weeks ago I had the privilege of literally watching someone go from “but this might not work” and all the reasons it was Too Much, to “ohhh this could be amazing actually!” It was a perfect example of moving from making a decision based on the fears to making a decision based

What happens when your business is… sorted?

What happens when your business is…sorted? - Karen Reyburn
` What will you do when you’ve arrived?  One of the things business owners tend to focus on is getting the business to run the way you want. To run without you! Systems, team, leadership, pricing… you work so hard on each of these and it often takes longer than you expect.  Many of you

Choose your own new year

Choose your own new year - Karen Reyburn
Happy new year… to me!! You may remember I decided to move my new year to my birthday (which is today). January is a cold, dark, wet, windy, wild month: and I had some recuperating to do from all the Christmas travels. (Here’s the LinkedIn post about it if you want to catch up on the whys

Seek for team harmony, not team unity

Seek for team harmony, not team unity - Karen Reyburn
` I was once asked to help teach a group of young people about singing in harmony. I wasn’t sure I was the best person to do this. Although I grew up singing at home and in church, and in small groups or choirs, it was all self taught - or rather, learned from listening

The journey is the way (the goal gets distracting)

Feet walking along and around a path

I LOVE a good goal. I remember taking one of those personality or trait quizzes – which I usually don’t like because they box you in – but this one pointed out I was nearly 90% “goal orientated”. Meaning I will do anything and everything to achieve a goal, often to the detriment of…well…everything else.

SQUIRREL! The business owner’s distraction by the new shiny thing

KLR note squirrel! 18-03-23

You’ve done it again. You’re in the middle of a project, and you’re focused and making it happen, when suddenly…. SQUIRREL! Like Dug in the film “Up”, your head swivels round, distracted, ready to dash off in the direction of a squirrel. A new, better project. Something more exciting, newer. None of this tired old