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The DIY course is here!

DIY video course is ready for you - Karen Reyburn - Accountants

Many of you have at least bought, and perhaps even started or read, The Accountant Marketer.  Reading it is one thing: actually doing things with it is another, and can take time. It’s been over six months since the book was published, and several times a week now I get messages from accountants who have

Minimum viable marketing: Get the audience and message right first

Minimum viable marketing - Karen Reyburn
“Okay I’m going to create this PDF guide…but obviously I’ll also need some automation and follow up emails for everyone who downloads it, so I’d better get started on that first!” Our entrepreneur-brain is rigged to think very optimistically about our Great New Idea. If we think of creating a PDF guide (or training course

Book Notes: The Accountant Marketer! (and what I learned on the writing journey)

hand drawn sketch of cover of The Accountant Marketer book by Karen L Reyburn

I’ve shared notes from a number of books I’ve enjoyed reading…now it’s time for my own! This is my first book, and instead of sharing the key learnings from the book itself (I’ll let you do that once you read it!), I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about writing, about writing a book, and

Do I need to block out a full day at a time to get marketing done?

KLR notes block out day 12-12-20

Right, you’re going to be serious now. You’re going to focus your energy and attention on marketing a bit more (maybe this is your 2021 plan).  But you know marketing always gets put off. You plan an hour or some time to “do marketing” and then you get emails and messages and phone calls and

Long way only (no shortcuts)

long way no shortcuts

I’ve been having various levels of back pain for the past seven weeks.  (Just in case you don’t read the full note: don’t worry. I’ve seen a doctor, several physios, and am doing the work, and it is getting better. It’s just slow. That’s sort of the point of the note.)  When it first started,

Try sitting in the same place at the same time every day

KLR note Austin Kleon3 try sitting 16-05-20

The most significant change happens in small increments, day after day. Month after month, year after year. In the past year, I’ve lost over 52 pounds (almost 4 stone) by counting calories every single day. Walking, every single day. Cutting out sugar, and choosing not to eat it every single day. In the past 6

You don’t have to wait for the time to write. You already have it.

You don’t have to wait for the time to write. You already have it.

You have the time to write. You just don’t recognise it for what it is. Perhaps in your mind, you expect it to look a certain way: quiet, comfortable, in a soft chair looking out to the sea with birds chirping outside… when in reality it’s probably more like typing with two thumbs while walking

Victories and questions: your fallback for content

Victories and questions: your fallback for content

Struggling to find what to write about? Not sure where to start, how to direct your team, feeling blank? There are two categories which will never fail you (unless of course you’re not talking to your clients, in which case, sort that out!). Victories and Questions. I’m talking particularly about your clients’ victories, and your