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Win targets and dream targets

Win targets and dream targets - Karen Reyburn
  Setting targets is one thing. But what kind of target are you setting? How achievable is it, really? This one can be hard to estimate. I find myself thinking, “I need to go really ambitious, because if you have low targets you’ll just reach them, and I need to push myself!” Then reality appears

Do I need to block out a full day at a time to get marketing done?

KLR notes block out day 12-12-20

Right, you’re going to be serious now. You’re going to focus your energy and attention on marketing a bit more (maybe this is your 2021 plan).  But you know marketing always gets put off. You plan an hour or some time to “do marketing” and then you get emails and messages and phone calls and

Try sitting in the same place at the same time every day

KLR note Austin Kleon3 try sitting 16-05-20

The most significant change happens in small increments, day after day. Month after month, year after year. In the past year, I’ve lost over 52 pounds (almost 4 stone) by counting calories every single day. Walking, every single day. Cutting out sugar, and choosing not to eat it every single day. In the past 6

What do you do when your plans are changed for you?

quickbooks cancelled

This week (as you’ll know unless you were living under a rock or not using the internet), QBC London was cancelled out of “an over abundance of caution” with the current #coronavirus situation. Protecting people, just in case. Making that kind of decision in the first place has to be really hard. I’m sure they were discussing

I will not let the dark days (of winter) bring me down

It’s winter, and that means darkness. I live in Scotland, and in the summer it’s almost never dark at all. The sun comes up so early (and so calmly) that you hardly even notice – even if you stay up or get up to watch it, there’s just sort of a general lightening of the

You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people

greatest showman dont need everyone

The Greatest Showman is one of my favourite films. It’s got catchy music, a great cast, and a solid message about not letting business and money take over.  And it’s got some good solid quotes that made me stop and think, especially this one when Hugh Jackman’s character is rushing off to yet another round

Defend or dive deeper

Defend or dive deeper

When you identify something about yourself that’s different, something that tempts you to feel is “not as” (not as good , not the same as others), what do you do with that? Do you… …defend or …dive deeper? For the past year or so we’ve been talking within the PF team about the concept of

“…I wanted to know the story those numbers were telling me.”

Karens sketchnotes

Last week my accountant said something that has stuck with me – and come back to me – every day since he said it. I traveled, attended a lot of events, met amazing people and re-connected with ones i knew already, had new business opportunities… and yet the one thing that stands out in my