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Do I need to block out a full day at a time to get marketing done?

KLR notes block out day 12-12-20

Right, you’re going to be serious now. You’re going to focus your energy and attention on marketing a bit more (maybe this is your 2021 plan).  But you know marketing always gets put off. You plan an hour or some time to “do marketing” and then you get emails and messages and phone calls and

What do you do when your plans are changed for you?

quickbooks cancelled

This week (as you’ll know unless you were living under a rock or not using the internet), QBC London was cancelled out of “an over abundance of caution” with the current #coronavirus situation. Protecting people, just in case. Making that kind of decision in the first place has to be really hard. I’m sure they were discussing

Deep work: it’s hard (and I didn’t even do very much of it)

karen reyburn sketchnotes go deep

When I buy a book, I do this very odd thing where for a good few months (or even a year or more) I talk about the concept as if I know what I’m talking about….before I read the book. I’m not sure why I do that. Maybe it’s preparing my mind to read. No

The travel list: how to get things done when you’re out of pattern

karens sketchnotes

I do enjoy travel, and sometimes get a good bit of work done when doing so. But I used to find there were all these things i wanted to get done…but I wasn’t at my iMac with the nice Yeti microphone and the webcam and the camtasia video editing software and the faster speeds and

You’re not “just tired”. There’s always something else.

24 series blank time

Some days, or parts of days, you’re just not productive. You’re not targeting your goals or firing on all cylinders or crushing it. You’re not reading impactful books or watching helpful documentaries. You’re not going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal or having insightful conversations.  You’re just…tired.  Or are you?  Are you ever