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The cycle of book buying and reading (or not)

The cycle of book buying and reading (or not)- Karen Reyburn
  The “Book progression model” (or book disappearance model): 1. From the screen to your amazon basket (or order form) 2. Sits in the parcel for a few days 3. Out of the parcel and on to your desk - there it is! I’ll read it soon! 4. Moves to the “to be read’ pile because it’s been sitting

Book notes: Grit – the power of passion plus perseverance

There was a good bit I liked about this book, but ultimately I’m still left with questions about whether I fully agree with the book’s premise.  Which is that grit is made up of both passion and perseverance. It’s not just pressing on, or keeping going: it’s doing all of that in an area (or with a goal) which is

I’ve been talking about this for ages. How could they not know about it?

They ask you answer marcus sheridan

People hear things when they are ready to hear them.  This is a little story about someone who recommended a book to me….which I’ve been recommending to, like, everyone all the time everywhere. I thought.  It’s Saturday morning. My friend James texts me something he’s been thinking about, so i ring him and we chat

Steve Jobs: good business, bad humanity.

Steve jobs

This week I finished “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson. It’s quite an easy read for such a big book – and as a major Apple fan, I’ve always been fascinated by the man who created Apple, and was part of changing the world as we know it. I’m extremely grateful for all Steve Jobs (and

Show your work: Who are your influences? What are you learning?

Show your work: Who are your influences? What are you learning?

I’ve been avoiding reading this book for months. It’s been in my book stack, reminding me with its bright yellow cover that it’s there, ready to be read, ready to encourage me and give me new ideas. Actually, that’s why i was avoiding it. I knew this book is about sharing what you’re working on,